P e t r B l e c h a
P  e  t  r     B   l   e   c   h   a    


"I am not an artist,

I simply interpret the love 

you give me."



About Me

"Sometimes I pretend to be normal,

but it gets boring.

So I go back to being me." 




Thanks for stopping by. My name is Petr - the make-up artist. Have a look around and get to know me. To give me an idea of who's been visiting me, you can write in the guestbook.

What others say:

For over 20 years, Petr has been applying his natural creativity and artistic talent to making women look and feel more beautiful.

His makeup technique focuses on revealing a woman’s natural beauty and incorporating touches of fun.


Petr’s artistry and intuition help women discover their own unique beauty.

“I love how makeup can build confidence and energy in a woman, whether she is on the runway, at work, at home or on a hot date.”


Petr’s extensive travel throughout the world continues to sharpen his fashion instincts, giving him a distinctive perspective on global beauty. His international flair and ability to translate the latest fashion trends into beautiful makeup makes his clients feel their most glamorous.


Always reflecting the latest fashion trends, Petr strives to accentuate a woman’s most beautiful features and personal sense of style.


As a Makeup Artist and Pro-Artist trainer, he has found his true calling.

“I genuinely enjoy the positive reactions I get from my clients,” states Petr. “There’s nothing more powerful than having a client looking in the mirror and saying to you, Wow, I’m beautiful.”


When it comes to sharing tips about makeup, Petr has a golden rule about the face: honor the skin.

“No woman should be without a good skincare regime. Makeup is embellishment, but great skin makes a
woman gorgeous.”



we shine with the rest,


when we least know it

make someone's wish come true!


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