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About me


1.When did I begin in make-up? In the early days, I honed my craft on make up counters as well as shooting on my days off with photographers and film makers allowing me to gain vast experience across the industry. For over 20 years, I have been helping making women look and feel more beautiful. I became part of the Lancôme National Makeup Artist team in September 2008. My myriad experience as an artist includes work in TV, theatre, opera, print and film. As the TREMEA front man for Lancôme Beauty, I have traveled internationally hosting special events to promote the cosmetics line. In present days I still continue to work on with 'world class' award winning makeup artists and broad spectrum of celebrities, finding great pleasure in leading many 'Master Classes' around the globe to share my knowledge and experience with a 'new generation' of make-up artists.


2.What brought me to make-up? I love how makeup can build real vitality and confidence in a woman whether she is on the runway, at work, at home or even on a date. My makeup technique focuses on revealing a woman’s natural beauty and incorporating touches of fun.


3.What is make-up for me, my philosophy? Makeup is an art form, that’s how I see it. Every face is a blank canvas and every brush stroke creates something magical. I love makeup and consider it a crucial tool to not only enhance your own natural beauty, but to build confidence in everyday life. 'I simply treat my model like a painting and do what I think is best.'


4.My sources of inspiration? I am finding my inspiration everywhere around me (art, nature, people etc.). My extensive travel throughout the world continues to help sharpen my fashion instincts, giving me a distinctive perspective on global beauty. The translation of the latest fashion trends into beautiful makeup makes my clients always feel at their most glamorous.



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